Adair County G61 Road Grading Project

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Impact7G conducted intensive Phase I archaeological and architectural investigations for a proposed road grading project for the Adair County Engineer.  Our team examined 64 acres of mixed upland and stream landscapes using mixed geomorphological analysis, archival research, pedestrian survey, subsurface shovel testing, and deep site bucket auger testing.


Bridgewater, Iowa


Impact7G was challenged to identify previously unrecorded archaeological and architectural properties and evaluate their potential National Register of Historic Places eligibility prior to road improvements.  It was imperative for our client that we locate and evaluate historic properties to meet Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act requirements tied to federal funding and permitting.


Our team utilized historic data sources, geologic information, historic maps, soil cores of local landforms, pedestrian survey, and subsurface testing to identify archaeological sites and architectural properties in the project area.  This was followed by additional subsurface testing of archaeological sites to determine National Register eligibility.

Adair County 1

Project Outcomes

Impact7G identified three previously unrecorded archaeological sites and two architectural properties.  The sites and buildings were evaluated for their National Register of Historic Places eligibility.  Two of the archaeological sites and the architectural properties were determined not eligible for the National Register.  The third archaeological site primarily resided outside the project area and would not be affected by the project.  No further archaeological work was recommended.


Impact7G staff utilized their skills in historic property research, georeferencing of historic maps, our expertise in geomorphology, archaeological testing methods, our ability to analyze historic artifacts, and our ability to create GIS-based files and images to provide our client the documentation needed to easily navigate the Section 106 consultation process.

Adair County 2

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