Asbestos Removal and Management

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Fort Dodge, Iowa


In early 2016, the Fort Dodge Community School District (FDCSD) hired Impact7G to inspect Duncombe Elementary for asbestos. At the time, Duncombe Elementary was the oldest school in the FDCSD, having been built over a century ago and in use since 1912. An inspection immediately prior to the 2015-2016 school year showed that the building was structurally unsound, including cracked, crumbling walls and bowing windows, which led to a delay in starting the school year. FDCSD made the decision to demolish the elementary school, as it was deemed unsafe for students to inhabit. In order for a successful demolition to occur, Impact7G inspected and managed the removal of the asbestos in the former elementary.


Impact7G inspected the now-former Duncombe Elementary for asbestos in January of 2016. After inspection and confirmation of asbestos, Impact7G put together a thorough project design, which provided effective strategies for asbestos removal. When the project design was completed, Impact7G put the project out to bid and received bids for contractors to assist with the asbestos removal. Impact7G then created the needed contracts. Following contracting, Impact7G dutifully provided project supervision and air monitoring during the asbestos removal, which cleared the path for the building to be demolished.

Project Outcomes

Impact 7G’s inspection and subsequential project management successfully led to the removal of asbestos in the former elementary school. The removal of said asbestos, which took just under one month, allowed the full demolition of the old Duncombe Elementary to safely continue on schedule. Duncombe Elementary successfully moved to a newly constructed building, which opened in the fall of 2018.

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