Asbestos Training

Impact7G’s Asbestos Courses have been approved by the State of Missouri and enables successful participants to obtain a State of Iowa and/or State of Missouri license. For additional information, please click on the following course titles:


Required for any hired staff member performing maintenance or custodial work around (but not disturbing) asbestos containing or presumed asbestos containing material.

Operations & Maintenance

Allows successful participants to perform small scale asbestos removal and cleanup, in accordance with EPA and OSHA requirements.


Allows successful participants to conduct asbestos inspections, including the collection of bulk samples and assessing the condition of suspect materials.

Management Planner

Required in order to write asbestos management plans for managing existing asbestos within a school building.  Pre-requisite: Asbestos Inspector Course.

Project Design

Trains participants in interpreting data from building inspections, understanding laboratory analysis of samples, provides a background summary of building systems, and understanding of all applicable asbestos regulations for developing asbestos abatement projects.

Abatement Contractor/Supervisor

Provides formal training in all aspects of abatement and removal procedures for those staff that will supervise employees.  At least one supervisor is required to be on-site during all abatement projects.

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