Asbestos Air Monitoring

Liability for occupant and employee protection under OSHA can be reduced by having us provide unbiased air monitoring for asbestos removal projects. Air
monitoring is used primarily to determine the concentration of asbestos fibers in
the air at the location in which the sample is collected.


  • On-site collection of air samples
    • Pre-abatement
    • Personal
    • Area
    • Final clearance
  • Laboratory analysis of air samples
  • Air monitoring results report verifying the air quality

General Info:

  • Air monitoring can be used to:
    • Gauge the effectiveness of asbestos abatement work
    • Ensure that air quality conditions are safe for workers during the removal project.
  • Determine if concentration is higher before or after the removal project.

Please Note:

  • Payment will be required prior to the release of the lab report.

Types of Air Monitoring:

  • Pre-abatement samples are taken prior to
    the disturbance of any asbestos-containing materials. This establishes
    background levels of any asbestos fibers that might be in the air at
    the location.
  • Personal samples are collected to determine fiber
    concentrations in the breathing zone of the abatement workers for use
    in respirator selection.
  • Area samples are collected at entrances and exits to the work area,
    at air filtration units’ exhaust, and areas adjacent to the work
    site to detect fiber releases into unregulated areas.
  • Final clearance sampling is done to establish
    cleanliness prior to returning the space back to normal public use.

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