Asbestos Management Planner

This 2-day Management Planner Course (16 hrs) will allow successful participates to create asbestos management plans.

The management plan is used to:

  • Determine the
    relative degree of hazard posed by the various asbestos-containing
    building material (ACBM)
  • Prescribe recommended response actions and timing of those actions
  • Prescribe recommended management practices
    (the operations and maintenance program) for any ACBM

All management plans are required by AHERA for schools and include:

  • Identification of ACBM which remains after response actions are taken
  • Description of hazard assessments for all confirmed and assumed ACBM
  • Recommended prevention measures and/or response actions for all identified friable ACBM
  • Plan for periodically re-inspecting ACBM
  • Program for informing workers and building occupants (sometimes called “Awareness Training”)
  • Evaluation of resources needed to implement the management plan

General information:

  • Information from the asbestos building inspection is used to generate the management plan and must be updated every 3 years.

Course Information:                                                                                                            

Initial – 16 hrs                   Annual Refresher – 4hrs                                                                       Initial – $350                   Annual Refresher – $125

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