Asbestos Removal Project Specification

This service uses the results of the asbestos samples (taken during an asbestos building inspection) to develop a project specification for the removal of asbestos and provide related consulting. Your project specification will be written by a State of Iowa licensed project designer.

Having project specifications written for asbestos removal projects:

  • Ensures that everything is done properly; reduces liability
  • Ensures that all bidding removal contractors meet certain criteria
  • Is required for schools under AHERA

Project SpecificationsIncludes:

  • Consulting
    • Assistance with contract setup
    • Unbiased assistance in selection of asbestos removal contractors
      • Contractor qualification requirements
  • Scope of work and plan (a set of detailed documents written for the asbestos removal contractor) which includes:
    • Descriptions of required materials and equipment for
      specific project
    • Details about how the project is to proceed
      • Removal
      • Encapsulation
      • Decontamination
      • Air monitoring
      • Clean up
      • Entry and exit procedures
      • Project execution
      • Site security requirements
      • Restoration/repair requirements for after abatement (re-insulation, etc.)
    • Building plans or blueprints
    • Locations and quantities of known asbestos
    • Completion date deadlines and other special measures
    • Notification (State and EPA) and submittal requirements
    • Emergency planning requirements
    • Responsibilities of various parties (contractors, industrial hygienists, building owners, etc.)
  • Bid documents (enabling you to have removal contractors bid on the project)
    • The bidding procedures to be followed
    • Insurance requirements

Your Impact7G representative will:

  • Attend the pre-bid meeting to ensure that the removal contractors are seeing the entire project
  • Assist in the selection of the best removal contractor for your project
  • Assist in the drafting of the contract you will have with the removal contractor

Important Notes:

  • The project specification can only be modified by another written document (addendum).
  • We can also provide you with an end-to-end solution to help manage your removal project through our asbestos removal project supervision program.

Contact us for more information and a complimentary needs consultation.

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