Avoid Oak Tree Wilt: Put Away Your Pruning Tools Until October

Photo of a large Oak tree, fully leaved, in a grassy plain
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Do you have native oak trees in your yard or wood lot? Did you know that in order to best prevent the spread of oak wilt, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources recommends ceasing all oak pruning activities between March and October 1st. 


Pruning an oak during this time can leave it susceptible to the oak wilt fungus, carried by beetles which are drawn to the location of the pruning cut. Once infected, the disease can spread to other oaks in a 50-100ft vicinity if there are grafted roots between the trees. Oak wilt can result in death of the infected tree within the same summer as the exposure. 


If you are interested in replacing removed or damaged trees, Impact7G’s foresters and ecologists are here to help. Armed with custom resources such as our Iowa Tree Natural Ranges Web App we can help you find tree and shrub species that are both native and location appropriate! 

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