Cardinal Pointe North HOA and Impact7G; hard at work for habitat conservation!

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Impact7G has teamed up with Cardinal Pointe North HOA and City of Coralville to improve water quality, enhance native woodland and prairie habitats, and manage invasive species on their properties.   

 Residents in this neighborhood reached out to Impact7G and City of Coralville to complete restoration work on their HOA managed natural areas. The City of Coralville’s Stormwater Management Program matched the HOA’s cost and volunteer hours to help fund the important restoration work. We started by removing invasive species like reed canary grass in prairie areas and bush honeysuckle, barberry, and multiflora rose in the woodland areas. We then planted prairie cordgrass, a hearty and competitive native species to take the place of the nonnative reed canary grass. These clusters of plants have been flagged for ease of future maintenance as they continue to establish.  

 Continued restoration is planned with additional prairie plantings along the walkway following Camp Cardinal Blvd in Coralville. Invasive species control will also continue in the woodlands. 

 Thank you to Cardinal Pointe North HOA and City of Coralville for being passionate and dedicated to improving water quality, habitat, and species richness in these shared natural areas! And thanks to Beautiful Land Products for supplying quality native plants! Click here to learn more about native plants in your neighborhood and the benefits they provide.


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