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GIS for Planning - Burlington, Iowa
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Burlington, Iowa


The City of Burlington has been working to revitalize its downtown through redevelopment of vacant and underutilized properties for more than a decade. While the quality of the building stock in downtown Burlington is exceptional and boasts many historic buildings, several properties have environmental conditions that have limited redevelopment.  In 2016, the EPA awarded the City of Burlington for two brownfield assessment grants for hazardous substances and petroleum, and in 2017, the EPA awarded the City a Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Grant. In order to make informed decisions on how to best allocate grant funds, the existing conditions of the study area must be assessed to determine potential catalyst sites for redevelopment.


Impact7G utilized ArcGIS Collector and Survey123 to gather data on the study area. An assessment team walked the study area with tablets and entered data on individual sites using a form-based survey. The data on the survey included accessibility, exterior conditions, current land use, street trees, visible environmental concerns, and other building and environmental data. A total of 267 properties were surveyed in three days and the data was available in real time.

Project Outcomes

The assessment data was uploaded to an online interactive map that showed the results of the assessment. The online interactive map allows users to turn on and off layers of data showing different attributes of the study area including:

  • Redevelopment Potential
  • Overall Building Condition
  • Current Land Use
  • Brownfield Status
  • Street Lamp Type
  • Survey Boundary
  • Parcel Data
  • Building Footprints

Having this data allowed the City to make informed decisions on investigating potential brownfield sites that might have high redevelopment potential.

Other Applications

Impact7G can customize these GIS applications to assist cities and counties with their data gathering needs. The applications can be used for identifying areas of potential contamination, planning for site reuse, conducting historical reviews, assessing infrastructure conditions, and other planning and engineering-related projects.

GIS for Planning - Burlington
Burlington, Iowa

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