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Sioux City
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Sioux City, Iowa


The City of Sioux City (City) was awarded a three year HUD Lead Hazard Control Grant for the inspection, remediation, and/or abatement of lead based paint (LBP) hazards within 111 “target houses.” Per the specification of the grant program, the “target housing” must be built prior to 1978, be privately owned, and have a child under the age of six residing in the home. Based on U.S. Census data, the City knew there was a large pool of potentially eligible properties within city limits. In order to accomplish grant oriented benchmarks, the City enlisted personnel from not only multiple departments within the City, but also external entities. Impact7G was initially awarded a contract to complete LBP Inspection/Risk Assessments for the 111 target properties. Well into the first year of the grant, the City approached Impact7G about becoming the Grant Program Manager in an effort to streamline the inspection, remediation and clearance process. Impact7G worked with the City to improve the overall efficiency of the program by implementing a transparent process with real time project tracking.


Impact7G reviewed the grant program requirement and associated benchmarks, and then developed an online tracking program allowing all parties to work on one document collaboratively. This eliminated the need for each person to have an independent tracker and compile multiple sources of data. Impact7G reached out to other grantees within Iowa and researched how their programs were structured. Ultimately, the City and Impact7G consolidated multiple grant related job tasks, which made the grant program more efficient and helped eliminate redundancies and unnecessary expenses. Impact7G and the City overhauled the eligibility process, realigning the direction from focusing on the City’s needs/requirements to creating a homeowner-centric process. This not only streamlined the process, but made it easy on the homeowner.

Project Outcomes

Increased number of remediated properties. Exponentially increased the number of eligible properties. Increased amount of grant funds spent on each property by reducing unnecessary expenditures.

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