Impact7G and Chris Peters establish native prairie in Southeast Iowa.

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After preparing the site, seeding, monitoring for and treating invasive species, Impact7G and Chris Peters are reaping the rewards of our efforts in establishing native prairie in Johnson County. We completed the site prep and seeding for this project in 2017; adaptively managed the site for a couple of years; and the prairie had its first burn in spring 2020. Now the prairie is in full bloom and continues to provide a different set of blooming wildflowers, grasses, and sedges each time we visit.

We are always excited when landowners are engaged in sustainable landscaping and land management with native prairie plants. The benefits are numerous. To name a few, Chris Peters property is now supporting a diversity of native pollinators and wildlife, providing a buffer and filtering runoff from the crop fields next door; the prairie is stabilizing and building back the soil health and of course is a joy to look at and hike through.

Impact7G supports beneficial projects like these and our Natural Resources/ Natural Areas Management department is available to help others accomplish their goals in native habitat restoration or incorporating native plants into their neighborhood. Contact us if you are interested in supporting and adding native habitat in your community.

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