Impact7G encourages you to make sure to safely get outdoors and experience nature!

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Impact7G recognizes the importance of outdoor recreation during these difficult times. Exploring local hiking and biking trails in urban and rural settings is a great way to experience how spring is rapidly changing the natural environment. Wetlands and prairies can be found scatted throughout urban and rural interfaces and provide important habitat for wide ranges of plants and animals.

These deer, captured by Tyler Dursky, Wetland Delineator, were found feeding in this wetland restoration site beside the Clear Creek Trail in Coralville, Iowa. Since 2002, Impact7G’s Wetlands and Restoration team has worked with the City of Coralville, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Iowa DNR and the US Fish and Wildlife Services to establish these, and many other woodland and wetland restorations along the trail. We encourage you to find trails near you, and see what nature has to offer.

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