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Despite the relatively dry weather in central Iowa this summer, Impact7G has been busy with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) projects pertaining to mold.  IAQ investigations have ranged from a single sample collected from one room of a structure to collecting dozens of samples throughout an entire building.  Sample media may consist of air, surface or building materials.  Impact7G can also utilize a borescope to view behind walls when mold growth may not be obvious or determine temperature differentials for suspect water leaks with an infrared thermal imaging unit.  Impact7G has also worked with numerous clients throughout the region with regard to natural disasters.  Roof damage and water intrusions can cause complex IAQ issues and Impact7G has the requisite experience to come up with a unique solution for each project.  Upon completion of the sampling process, Impact7G can also put together a formal mold remediation plan and assist our clients with hiring a qualified mold remediation contractor.  Our work may also include contractor observation, clearance sampling/remediation verification as well as documentation of the process with a detailed written report.

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