Iowa Economic Development Watershed Planning – Statewide

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Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) is granted a yearly Community Development Block Grant, part of which targets sustainable development in Iowa’s numerous watersheds.  Under Federal obligations of the Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, IEDA is required to determine if significant archaeological sites might be affected by the small watershed improvement projects.

IEDA assists many businesses and communities across Iowa to achieve their goals of creating a sustainable future and positive economic growth.  Through the administration of Federal and State grants, IEDA has undertaken myriad projects across the State to enhance our quality of life and continued economic success.


IEDA needed to establish procedures that could identify locations where archaeological sites might occur to ensure watershed coordinators and landowners seeking to improve water quality in Iowa have a smooth process to receive grant funding.  Faced with this challenge, IEDA contacted Impact7G’s team of archaeologists to develop methods to streamline the Section 106 process and facilitate information necessary to locate archaeological resources prior to watershed improvement activities.

Impact7G leads the way with archaeological predictive modeling and Phase IA desktop evaluations for significant archaeological resources and are retained by IEDA to conduct initial investigations of watershed projects across the State of Iowa.  Our approach is to assess each project using historic property databases, historic maps, aerial photographs, and the LANDMASS model that predicts locations across the Iowa landscape with high, moderate, and low potential for archaeological sites.

The partnership of IEDA and Impact7G is designed to ensure that watershed coordinators can balance the needs for improved water quality with preserving archaeological properties that continue to demonstrate the significant history and prehistory of Iowa.  IEDA recognizes that sustainable progress builds on a knowledge of our shared past.

Impact7G provides project management services, archaeology predictive modeling, and historic imagery services to allow watershed coordinators and IEDA information to make decisions about how to implement watershed practices.


  • Our archaeologists have completed over 500 projects for watersheds throughout Iowa.
  • Our efforts and recommendations have led to the identification of numerous archaeological sites across Iowa.
  • Initial information provided by Impact7G has allowed watershed coordinators the information needed to avoid potentially significant resources, reducing costs of projects, and ensuring continued preservation of Iowa’s past.

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