Maquoketa lands large USDA loan for Platt Street Corridor

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Impact7G Assists the City of Maquoketa in landing USDA Loan

Maquoketa lands large USDA loan for Platt Street Corridor, Impact7G assisted in landing a critical $6.2 million USDA loan for infrastructure improvements along the Platt Street corridor.  Specifically, under an extremely tight schedule, our team was able to complete the Preliminary Engineering Report that was required as part of the loan application.  The PER was comprised of key environmental and engineering information on the project. Detailed budget information was also included. This is designed to aid USDA in its decision to grant the loan to the applicant.

Loans and Grants for Water Infrastructure Projects in Maquoketa and Wyoming, Iowa

Learn more by checking out the official press release.

Link to press release

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