Impact7G takes part in Poacaea Grass Workshop at Kent Park

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Three members of Impact7G, Will Downy, Tyler Dursky, and Jack Moran along with members of the Army Corps of Engineers, the Iowa DNR, and Johnson County Conservation recently attended the Poaceae Grass Workshop at Kent Park, near Oxford Iowa. The three day workshop, hosted by Johnson County Conservation, was taught by Dr. Thomas Rosburg,  Biology Professor and Curator of the Herbarium at Drake University. The workshop focused on identifying Iowa’s native and invasive prairie grasses and interpreting their unique characteristics. William’s Prairie, Hawkeye Wildlife Management Area, and Chia Fen were several areas visited during the workshop.  An ornate Box Turtle was one of many unique finds and pleasant surprises as part of field work. Impact7G promotes continued training and collaboration with federal, state, and county organizations to continue to provide the best possible services and a leading role in natural resources assessment, management, and restoration.


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