Quarry Services – Environmental Permitting, Mitigation & Restoration

Quarry Services – Environmental Permitting, Mitigation & Restoration
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Eastern Iowa


River Products Company, Inc. (RP) is a premier mining and manufacturing operation located in Eastern Iowa that provides top quality limestone and other aggregate products, key to infrastructure and development projects in the state. Eastern Iowa’s expanding need for high quality concrete and similar aggregate-derived products requires long term and large scale planning efforts. Balancing extraction needs with potential land impacts and environmental regulations on this scale can be challenging.


Environmental Permitting Mitigation & Restoration

Impact7G (formerly EarthView Environmental) worked closely with RP to provide an array of environmental services which facilitate short and long term planning for day-to-day operations and long-term expansion efforts. Early planning efforts have helped to streamline the permitting process while reducing cost and keeping projects on schedule.

Since 2011, Impact7G has provided tools to successfully obtain regulatory approval and permits for a range of mining activities, including wetland delineations, protected habitat surveys, impact analysis of current and potential mining activities, real-estate analysis, and worked as a liaison to regulatory agencies.

Environmental Permitting, Mitigation & Restoration Project Outcomes

  • Efficient multi-year state and federal wetland permit planning.
  • Section 404 permit compliance on a complex, multi-year project.
  • Identification and facilitation of onsite wetland and habitat restoration and mitigation options including

– Wetland Preservation and Management
– Native Prairie Buffer Establishment
– Forest Ecotone Tree and Shrub Plantings
– Riparian Corridor Enhancement

Eastern Iowa

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