River Products #1 Wetland Mitigation Bank

River Products #1 Wetland Mitigation Bank
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Hills, Iowa


As our communities continue to grow, impacts to wetland areas are often unavoidable. Because wetlands play such an important role in mitigating flood effects, carbon sequestration, water quality, and habitat (among others), the federal government, as well as many state and local agencies require mitigation for activities that adversely effect wetland areas.

River Products Company, Inc. (RPC) is a premier mining and manufacturing operation located in Eastern Iowa. Long-term planning for mine expansion showed unavoidable wetland impacts and the need for future and ongoing wetland mitigation.


Wetland banks are areas that are restored, established, enhanced or preserved to provide compensation for unavoidable impacts to wetland resources that are permitted under the Section 404 regulation. Throughout the country, mitigation banking has been an effective instrument used to restore natural areas. The River Products Mitigation Bank provides not only the resources needed for restoration efforts, but it also provides a long-term funding source for on-going restoration efforts, maintenance and management.

Establishing a wetland mitigation bank is a complex venture. A key factor in keeping the project on schedule is EVE’s excellent relationship with the Interagency Review Team (IRT) along with our concise and straightforward communication efforts.

By restoring wetlands within the floodplain of the Iowa River, RPC developed a wetland mitigation bank to provide for their own future wetland mitigation needs as well as the needs of various property owners, developers, and public agencies within the bank’s service area.

EVE provided project management services, soils and hydrology studies, design, construction monitoring and led efforts for final approval and permitting. EVE continues to work with RPC on the on-going vegetation establishment, monitoring and management of the site as well as the administration of banking credit transfers.

Project Outcomes

  • Creates approximately 16.5 acres of forested wetland, 14.8 acres of emergent wetland and 5.4 acres of buffer for a total of 36.7 acres equaling a total of 32.7 credits.
  • Restores the hydrology of the Iowa River floodplain, allowing for the establishment of diverse prairie and wooded wetlands
  • Reduces downstream flooding, and benefits wildlife, water quality, and our community
River Products #1 Wetland Mitigation Bank|River Products #1 Wetland Mitigation Bank
River Products #1 Wetland Mitigation Bank

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