Molds are very common both inside and outside.  While health effects from encountering mold are not fully realized and research is ongoing, it is recognized that mold exposure can lead to adverse health conditions.  Some people have a severe allergy to molds while others do not notice any adverse health effects. Mold sampling, investigation, and remediation plans can assist with and provide a solution to mold issues.

Impact7G offers an experienced staff of project managers and mold technicians.  Impact7G can provide assistance ranging from collection of a couple of air or surface samples as a result of a leaking pipe or window to full investigation of a structure after repeated water intrusion events.  Additionally, we can collect bulk samples to determine if viable mold is present and even determine the type of mold species. Impact7G has the expertise to put together comprehensive mold remediation plans based on laboratory results and visual observation.

Occupants (ie. residents, children in schools/daycares, workers) in buildings with suspected mold would benefit from our services. Furthermore, those with asthma may benefit especially. Molds can trigger asthma episodes in sensitive individuals with asthma.  Clients who use our mold investigation services include property management companies, schools, daycares, health care clinics, developers, churches, realtors, homeowners, law firms, architects, and municipalities.  Building-wide mold remediation plans have been completed for developers, architects, daycares, and the Federal government.

Relevant services:

  • Spore Trap (Air) Sampling
  • Surface (Tape / Swab) Sampling
  • Bulk Sampling
  • Building-Wide Mold Investigations
  • Mold Remediation Plans
  • Post Remediation Mold Sampling

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