Natural Areas Management Services

Natural Areas Management Services

Natural Areas Management (2008-Present)
Natural Areas Assessment, Management, and Restoration of Native Species & Habitats

Through natural areas management such as controlled burning, invasive species management, and native plantings, lmpact7G provides expert consultation and applied services in restoring the health and species diversity to remnant and planted native prairies and deciduous woodlands of Iowa.

Iowa’s historic landscapes were draped in tall grass prairies stretching to the horizon. A quilt of wild flowers and grasses 12 feet tall, the wind-driven waves were slowed only by sprawling groupings of savanna trees and divided only by valleys where bottomland trees could gain a foothold against the fierce flames of prairie fires.

Ecological restoration of native prairie and woodland landscapes in the Midwest is a labor intensive practice requiring an understanding of historic circumstances and current invasive species challenges.

We can leverage our background in native wetland, woodland, and prairie design, management and establishment, Impact7G provides natural areas assessment and management services to landowners across a spectrum of restoration and conservation needs, large and small.

From initial site assessment to long-term adaptive management strategies, we identify unique features and conservation potential as well as existing threats, unique to a given area. We recommend techniques, considerations and management intensities specific to a location’s needs and ecologic potential.

Site Surveys

Site surveys are conducted by our professional restoration staff, trained and experienced for natural areas management and invasive species management in Iowa, with backgrounds including:

  • Professional Wetland Science
  • Restoration ecology and biology
  • Native & invasive plant identification
  • Native prairie seeding and establishment
  • Prairie and wetland establishment & monitoring
  • Long-term Adaptive Management Planning
  • Herbicide application with experience specific to native plant population establishment and invasive species control.
  • Prescribed fire management.
  • Effective fire management alternatives.

We provide landowners with direct management options, realistic expectations and costs. For larger or more complex areas, Impact7G management plans prioritize efforts and costs with focused resources and budgets.

Adaptive and Integrated Management Planning are at the core of Impact7G’s restoration services. This approach, with our foundation of applied experience, informs recommendations and strategic planning beyond basic Best Management Practices.

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