Ben Froah

Ben Froah
Director of IT

I’m here to cater to the immediate IT needs of Impact7G, and move the company into a secure, productive, and efficient IT culture. Keeping everyone connected, updated, and happy are my top priorities. I have been working in the IT field for four years and carry multiple CompTIA certifications as well as years of personal experience doing data recoveries, network infrastructure, and computer maintenance.

Off the clock
When not working I love hiking and fishing in northeast Iowa, specifically trout fishing around the Decorah area. I have been doing this with my family since I was young and have some great memories in that area. Ultimately, I would like to travel through Europe, specifically through Ireland, England, Germany, and Italy. I’d like to see both were my wife’s family and my own family originated from and spend some quality time seeing all the sights and sounds that Europe brings with it.

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