Bradford Cerbin

Brad Cerbin
Bradford Cerbin
Training Director

Bradford works to coordinate and teach asbestos classes throughout Iowa, including the following: Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor, Asbestos Inspector, Asbestos Management Planner, 16-Hour Operations and Maintenance under AHERA, and OSHA’s 2-Hour Asbestos Awareness. He updates and revises asbestos training materials as needed and maintains records of compliance for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. He also coordinates and completes AHERA asbestos re-inspections as well as periodic surveillances of asbestos materials for public and private schools throughout the state of Iowa. This department produces management plans for Iowa school districts. Additionally, Bradford conducts air monitoring for asbestos abatement projects and samples mold (both in air and on surfaces).

Off the clock
Along with his daughter, Bradford is a self-described “rock hound” and loves going on fossil hunts throughout the Midwest. The two of them spend time exploring rivers and streams, often taking garbage bags with them to collect trash along the way. Bradford hopes to one day cage dive with great white sharks in Australia with his daughter (if she’s up for it). When he’s not in nature, he’s often found playing softball, but was an avid baseball player years ago. He’s been swinging a bat for the last 40 years and doesn’t intend to stop any time soon!

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