Branden Scott

Branden K. Scott
Branden Scott
Principal Archaeologist

Mr. Scott conducts and oversees cultural resource management projects associated with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act compliance. Mr. Scott is well-versed in archaeological methods and survey techniques. His primary responsibilities include identifying, analyzing, and evaluating archaeological sites for their National Register significance. Mr. Scott has over 14 years of experience completing and managing Phase IA archaeological assessments, Phase I intensive field investigations, Phase II site evaluations, and Phase III data recovery excavations.

Off the clock
Branden enjoys camping, which he feels allows him to remove himself from the everyday bustle of traffic, emails, and noise so that he can detach, stare at the sky, and focus on quality time with family with no interruptions. He enjoys woodworking and building lasting furniture. Though he maintains a strong knowledge of regional prehistory, Branden is constantly trying to learn more. On the bucket list? Exploring the city of Petra.

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