Brent Keninger

Photo of Brent Keninger in muddy woods.
Brent Keninger
Restoration Specialist

As a Restoration Specialist, Brent will be working in our Natural Resource Department. Brent has been restoring degraded landscapes since he was a teenager; primarily focusing on restoring and managing prairie, wetland, and riparian areas. Brent grew up on a beef and row-crop farm in North Central Iowa. He graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s in Forestry (ecosystem management) and is a SAF accredited forester, having managed an amalgamate of ecological restoration projects from coast-to-coast. Brent has managed numerous projects ranging from 1 acre to 400 acres in size. Additionally, Brent has experience as a site and project manager, where he participated in the bidding, billing, and financing for projects.

Off the clock
Brent enjoys being active while he's not at work! He has a wide range of hobbies, mostly involving the outdoors. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking off-trail, skydiving, weight training, visiting historical sites, finding rare and endangered species, woodworking, and archery.

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