Chant Eicke

Chant Eicke
Chant Eicke
Senior Project Manager

Chant brings diverse experience to Impact7G: educated and engaged in environmental principles and practices across the Midwest and Northwest United States. Through direct experience with local, state, federal and nonprofit agencies as well as private stakeholders, Chant brings an array of collaborative and technical expertise.

A Senior Project Manager, Chant is a certified Professional Wetland Scientist and delineation professional with a focus on Midwest wetland characteristics and policy related to the U.S. Clean Water Act. Chant utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Information Architecture (IA) for research, analysis, and cartography, focusing on assessment and communication of environmental concepts, analysis, and design.

Chant is a Project Lead. His interdisciplinary background and experience with diverse organizations contributes to coherent and seamless management of sites and projects.

Off the clock
Chant is leads restoration and prescribed fire services and is passionate about restoration of natural areas and native habitats in the Midwest. He provides evaluation of forest, riparian, wetland, and prairie habitats, backed up with the experience to restore and manage those areas with a focus on promoting habitat and sustainability. A Prescribed Fire Manager, Chant executes powerful restoration tools to the benefit and progress of our clients, natural areas, and communities.

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