Joe Artz

Joe Artz
Joe Artz
Senior Geoarchaeologist / Archaeologist, Senior GIS Analyst

Joe (M.A., University of Kansas, 1983) has 32+ years of experience in archaeology and geoarchaeology and 13+ years in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He has conducted projects in 11states as well as Belize and Portugal.

Joe specializes in geoarchaeology, interpreting the stratigraphy and geomorphology of archaeological sites and landscapes. He brings extensive experience in fluvial processes, soil genesis, and buried archaeological site potential, as well as years of experience in all phases of archaeological investigation. He also specializes in archaeological and historical GIS with skills in spatial analysis, historical map research, and geomorphological mapping using digital elevation models and LIDAR.

Off the clock
Joe writes and publishes short stories, literary nonfiction, and the occasional poem. He emcees the monthly Iowa City Poetry Slam and is active in the nonprofit Iowa Writers House. He and his wife, Cherie, are frequent volunteers at Whiterock Conservancy near Coon Rapids, Iowa, where they lead field trips and volunteer digs. Their greatest accomplishment has been unleashing two brilliant daughters on an unsuspecting world.

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