Rachel Vanderwerff

Rachel Vanderwerff
Rachel Vanderwerff
Environmental Specialist

Rachel has a degree from the University of Iowa in Geography with an emphasis in GIS and Sustainability. Her education, experience in the natural resources field, combined with a 10-year background in sustainable agriculture, brings perspective and knowledge to her projects.

Rachel brings organization, efficiency and clarity to projects. Focusing on professional and successful collaboration, Rachel’s projects include watershed and land use planning, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), Environmental Reviews, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), ecological restoration and wetland banking. Additionally, Rachel has worked on a variety of cultural resources archaeological projects including desktop survey Phase IAs, research, geomorphological mapping and historical preservation.

Rachel specializes in GIS, and her experience includes cartographic production, research and analysis, GPS and Trimble data collection, maintaining and updating databases and records, and floodplain mapping: contributing a variety of GIS skills and services offered at Impact 7G.

Off the clock
Rachel loves everything to do with the outdoors, food, traveling, family, and friends. She created an organization called Edible Outdoors where she hosts classes in hunting, fishing and foraging. The last continent Rachel has not yet been to (aside from Antarctica) is South America. She looks forward to traveling there one day!

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