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Community Development

We are committed to providing communities, their citizens, businesses, and development professionals with objective data, key information, and professional expertise that supports sustainable high-quality projects.

We provide our partners with comprehensive strategies for enhancing livability, from project planning to implementation.

Jonathan Reis

Department Head
Community Development 

[email protected]

Our highly specialized community development team offers an array of diverse services to meet individual community needs including brownfields redevelopment, downtown revitalization, planning, and community engagement, grant writing, U.S. Housing, and Urban Development Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Programs, lead and asbestos inspections, federal funding requirement compliance and guidance on local renewable energy ordinances.

We work with communities of all sizes to foster informed and sustainable decisions making each community a unique place to live, work, and play.


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Lead-Based Paint Inspection & Hazard Management →
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Brownfields Redevelopment

Brownfield sites are not limited to large industrial cities such as Detroit or Pittsburg; they exist in essentially every town in Iowa and across the United States. At Impact7G, we provide our partners with a comprehensive strategy for redeveloping brownfield properties, including relevant environmental regulations, project financing, and community planning and outreach. Our experience spans both federal and state brownfields programs.

Case Study: Mackson Corners Waterfront Redevelopment Area

Impact7G provided comprehensive environmental due diligence services for the vertical construction of five properties in Oshkosh’s Qualified Opportunity Zone.

National Environmental Policy Act

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is at the core of many of Impact7G’s services. The Act requires federal agencies to consider the environmental impact of proposed actions to ensure harmony between humans and the natural world. Activities that typically require NEPA consideration include roads, bridges, power plants, and other major federally funded projects. Impact7G is well versed in all NEPA-related policies and considerations.

We ensure all federal guidelines are met on time and with precision, which our clients can trust to avoid project delays, lawsuits, or denial of funding. Importantly, NEPA also requires an open and transparent planning process with the communities that will be affected by the federal project. Impact7G works with certified planners to help make the environmental decision-making process transparent and open so that the public can positively engage with the project.

Lead-Based Paint Inspection, Hazard Management, & Program Administration

Our asbestos air monitoring and project observation services typically include air samples by each removal area, at entrances to containment areas, and near HEPA exhaust air samples can also be collected and analyzed daily to document any potential fiber releases. These samples are typically analyzed via the Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) method. Final clearance air samples at the completion of asbestos removal activities and upon passing of a visual inspection can be collected and analyzed using the PCM and/or Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) method. Impact7G staff that analyze air samples have completed NIOSH582 certification.

Grant Writing & Administration

To help see the fulfillment of sustainable environmental decisions, Impact7G offers funding research, procurement (grant writing), and administrative services (grant management). Impact7G can assist governments, nonprofits, and businesses to successfully obtain funding from foundations, trusts, private sector resources, and government agencies at the local, state, and federal levels.

Our team of skilled technical and storytelling writers will utilize persuasive skills to create attractive and compelling funding proposals to meet your individual project funding needs. In addition, our detailed-oriented team can assist in the successful implementation of funding by ensuring all programmatic requirements are met.

Intelligent, informed, and proactive environmental decisions start here.