About Us

We lead the way in telecommunications environmental services, health and safety compliance, natural resource restoration, and clean water initiatives. We serve clients nationwide, from coast to coast.

Charting and maintaining clear environmental objectives is a critical factor in the overall sustainability of our clients’ projects.

We believe generational, sustainable change starts with the understanding of individual client needs and proactive information exchange. We understand, through experience, that a sustainable, healthy, and happy workforce or population follows from the individual informed decisions our clients make today. Whether you are a community, a business, or an agency, Impact7G professionals are committed to understanding your specific needs and providing you with objective data and services that foster informed, sustainable decisions.

We are passionate about the ever-changing environment in which we live and work. Our clients’ quests for continuous improvement in their communities, operations, and natural environment pushes our staff to continuously expand their expertise in their respective environmental fields. Our diverse and expanding knowledge base becomes our clients’ knowledge base and with that knowledge comes the opportunity to plan, create and restore our natural environment in a manner that expands economic opportunity not just this year or this decade but seven generations into the future and beyond.

We strive to provide long-term value that amplifies our clients’ ability to sustain healthy financial and economic growth. We are a certified small business and operate in a lean environment. Our mode of operation focusing on competitiveness, flexibility, and high-value professional services provides our clients access to the information and resources they need while minimizing the impact to their bottom line.

Our History

Founded in January of 2011, Impact7G sought to attract the most diverse set of environmental professionals in the industry. We achieved that goal in less than a decade. Today, we are staffed with the greatest diversity of environmentally-related talent in the region.

The result of this success allows Impact7G to serve clients with over twenty lines of service, with additional services added routinely. Our clients can trust we will respond with a resounding “Yes!” when asked whether we can provide a specific service. They can also trust our staff are educated, trained, certified, and motivated to provide objective data that fosters informed decisions.

We service clients wherever and whenever they need us. Whether that client is a large federal agency such as the U.S. Veterans Administration or a local school district, each client will receive personal support, attentiveness to project objectives, and open regular communication. As we have since day one, we look forward to serving you.

Our Core Values

Selfless Service

Our staff are eager to help our clients and their colleagues at any moment, regardless of the task. The result is unmatched customer service.

Meaningful Connections

The story of Impact7G’s growth revolves around a network of meaningful connections. We rely on strong partnerships within our industry to support our mission of providing long-term value to our clients.

Exceed Expectations

In an extremely competitive environment, meeting expectations is not enough. Our diverse team of environmental professionals deliver innovative approaches and proactive communication.

Make An Impact

Our team members strive to make positive impacts within the natural and built environments for future generations. We will always seek to develop positive relationships with our clients, within our communities, and with each other.

Our Leadership

Ryan Peterson


Mike Fisher

Vice President

Jeromy Pribil


Judith Joyce


Who We Are

At Impact7G, we look forward to providing data-driven solutions whether a project is an asbestos, telecom, NEPA, compliance, or any other environmental service. We strive to maintain a culture where both staff and clients understand the benefit of proactive communication and a relentless dedication to meeting project deadlines. We are constantly looking for professionals that share these founding principles.

Intelligent, informed, and proactive environmental decisions start here.