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Avoiding Asbestos Hazards for Over 30 Years in the Ames Community School District
April 06, 2022

The Ames Community School District (CSD) has seen significant investment in facility improvements in the past three decades. As new facilities are built, old structures are renovated, decommissioned, sold, or demolished. Safely engaging in any activity that could disturb asbestos-containing materials (ACM) requires skilled and experienced professionals that can ensure teachers, students, and contractors are not exposed. Asbestos itself is often found in flooring materials, roofing products, window systems, thermal insulation, cement products, and surfacing materials.

Construction of the new Ames High School, set to open in 2022, marks nearly 34 years of combined asbestos work between Impact7G and Ames Environmental, Inc (AEI). AEI had previously serviced the Ames CSD since 1988 and was acquired by Impact7G in 2015. Our staff have worked on nearly every building in the school district, and more than 1,000 samples have been collected and tested. Over the course of three decades, we’ve provided air monitoring and abatement oversight, demolition oversight, preparation of bid documents and project specifications, and indoor air quality investigations. We’ve also assisted school district staff with EPA and OSHA training required for employees that may come into contact with ACM during work activities.

We’re proud to support lifelong clients and maintain excellent working relationships with organizations like the Ames Community School District. School districts across the state trust Impact7G to deliver timely asbestos services to ensure compliance and occupational health and safety.



Founded in 2011, Impact7G, Inc. is a full-service environmental consulting firm based in Johnston, Iowa with three additional offices throughout Iowa and team members located across the United States. Impact7G provides professional services to government, real estate, K/12 and higher education, utility, and private industry clients. The company employs a diverse group of environmental professionals to deliver accurate and timely information required for effective decision making in environmental compliance, water resources, natural and cultural resources, hazardous materials, telecommunications, and drilling markets nationwide. Learn about our entire suite of services at www.impact7g.com

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