Johnston Trail System to Feature Increased Pollinator and Prairie Habitat
October 06, 2021

Impact7G is proud to be teaming up with the City of Johnston Parks and Recreation Department to bring native wildflowers and grasses to paved trails located between NW Johnston Drive and NW 60th Avenue. Iowa’s native prairies provide excellent habitat for pollinators, improves rainwater infiltration, and reduces runoff. As an added bonus, wildflowers add a mosaic of colors throughout the growing season to increase the aesthetic appeal of the trail system.

The success of a prairie reconstruction is predicated on selecting the right species for the climate and soil characteristics. Impact7G created a custom mix tailored specifically for Johnston’s trail system that are locally adapted and resilient species. Our staff ensures high-quality seeds are selected; seeds are bought from reputable Midwest suppliers that supply the freshest and weed-free seeds available.

Impact7G will work closely with the City of Johnston during the critical establishment period to make sure a diverse and prolific prairie is formed along the trail. Once established, reconstructed prairies reduce the need for fertilizers and herbicides, and reduce the overall maintenance required by the City. Metro residents can look forward to beautiful native plants, like the one above!

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