Bear Creek Stream Restoration

Services Provided

  • Stream Assessment

  • Restoration Design
  • Environmental Drilling
  • Pollinator-Friendly Vegetation Design
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Plant Establishment and Monitoring


The City of Dyersville


Dyersville, Iowa

Project Completion



The City of Dyersville, Iowa – home of the famous Field of Dreams movie site – has led the state in efforts to improve water quality in local waterbodies. In 2017, Impact7G, in partnership with the City and Origin Design, developed a vision for the watershed that unites public, rural, and downtown partners with the mantra, “If you clean the water, they will come!”

Impact7G was tasked with leading the comprehensive stream assessment and crafting a restoration design. Our stream restoration experts assessed nearly 2,500 linear feet of Bear Creek using Iowa’s River Restoration Toolbox (IRRT). This was the first State Revolving Fund (SRF) Clean Water Sponsored Project to utilize IRRT in the State of Iowa. The resulting design, which was completed in fall of 2019, called for 4.2 acres of riparian buffer seeded with plants native to Iowa, a half-acre of oxbow restoration, and over 1,500 linear feet of stream restoration practices (fish habitat improvements, inner streambank benches, cross vanes, and j-hooks).

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