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Environmental & Geotechnical Drilling

With over 40 years of experience, the drilling team at Impact7G is led by one of the most technically sound drilling operators in the Midwest. We are licensed to conduct drilling in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska and can also operate in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Our services are utilized by institutional, commercial, industrial, municipal, energy, and government clients.

John Coons

Department Head

[email protected]

Environmental and geotechnical drilling is utilized for gaining a deeper understanding of subsurface conditions in a variety of situations. Drilling is commonly required for Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) or Limited Subsurface Investigations (LSIs) and for underground storage tank (UST) closure activities to discover potential soil or groundwater contamination. Our team has completed drilling for hundreds of Phase II ESAs, LSIs, and UST closures throughout the Midwest.

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Case Study: Mid-Iowa Community Action LSI

Based on the results of the Limited Subsurface Investigation, Impact7G was able to make an informed and calculated recommendation about remedial actions for contaminated soils.

Environmental Drilling

We are equipped to handle environmental soil borings, groundwater monitoring wells, recovery wells, soil vapor analysis, and well abandonment. Impact7G owns a Geoprobe® direct-push rig that allows us to install soil borings even in the most challenging environments such as steep gradients, indoors, and heavy vegetation. We keep the potential impact to your site low, thanks to the DT 22 sampling system. In addition to collecting samples, certain jobs require converting borings into temporary or permanent groundwater wells. We can provide complete well abandonment services as well, including closure documentation.

Geotechnical Drilling

In comparison to environmental drilling, geotechnical drilling is a method of investigating subsurface soils to provide data for engineering design prior to construction of buildings, dams, roadways, and other infrastructure sites. Impact7G owns and operates several state-of-the-art, full-size drilling rigs that work efficiently in a wide array of sampling environments for recording blow counts and collecting Shelby tubes.

Intelligent, informed, and proactive environmental decisions start here.