Telecommunications Impact7G has developed close working relationships with federal and state agencies on multiple levels that benefit our telecommunication clients directly. We utilize a customized approach to take on the challenges each client may face to obtain success on each project. Impact7G telecommunication services include:

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance

Impact7G can assist in completing all required reviews to accomplish NEPA compliance for your wireless communications tower project. These reviews typically include completing research of endangered species, wildlife preserves, structures listed or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, Native American lands, flood plains and wetlands. Impact7G can also assist with any additional associated requirements that may come up such as: Environmental Assessments (EA), Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), Cultural Resources Surveys, and Wetland Delineations.

Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessmentse

Phase I ESAs are completed in accordance with the industry standard, ASTM 1527-13. Completing a Phase I ESA permits the user to satisfy one of the requirements to qualify for the innocent landowner, contiguous property owner, or bona fide prospective purchaser limitations of Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) liability. This type of assessment includes an investigation of a property and the surrounding area to identify any recognized environmental conditions (RECs) associated with historical or present use. If any RECs are discovered, Impact7G will make recommendations to further evaluate the concern. Impact7G specializes in completing and delivering on these types of projects, even under the most aggressive of timelines.

Wetland Consulting

Impact7G provides environmental services related to Wetlands/Waters of the United States with a purpose to determine whether wetlands are present and, if so, to delineate them and provide a report of our findings. Our work is completed in accordance with the requirements specified by the Army Corps. When required, Impact7G can assist with the next steps including: approvals from applicable regulatory agencies (Army Corps, Department of Natural Resources, Local Government Unit, etc…), applicable permit applications/submittals, and mitigation planning and completion.

Asbestos Surveys and Abatement Management

Prior to co-location on a building, an asbestos survey is often required. The asbestos survey will include review of all available plans, developing a sampling strategy, and collecting bulk samples for laboratory analysis. Samples analyzed to contain more than one percent asbestos are considered asbestos containing. The survey will detail sample location, estimated amount, condition of material and percent and type of asbestos. If asbestos containing materials are discovered within the facility, Impact7G can assist with the management or removal of those materials. Impact7G personnel have a long history of providing asbestos related services and are ready to bring their expertise to your project.

Lead Based Paint Inspections and Abatement Management

Prior to co-location on a painted (or formally painted) structure, a lead survey is often required so as to ensure workers will not be exposed to the hazards of lead. As licensed Lead-Based Paint (LBP) Inspector/Risk Assessor and Sampling Technicians, Impact7G is certified to conduct sampling at your project to determine the presence of lead. If lead-based paint is discovered, we will assist with the management or removal of those materials.

Biological Assessments

Impact7G’s biologist will assess and provide a determination of potential effects as they relate to threatened and/or endangered species and their habitats (T&E). If required, Impact7G will work in consultation with regulatory agencies to find solutions to obtain approvals in association with T&E.

Portfolio Compliance Audits

Prior to acquisition of tower(s), Impact7G performs environmental compliance audits of available existing documentation. These audits help to assess value of the tower as a co-locatable asset, help to assist in valuing the tower(s) prior to purchase, and help to determine liabilities associated with potential compliance issues that may exist.

Migratory Bird Nest Evaluations

Each year various species of birds nest on or within wireless communications facilities. Many species of birds are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA), state and federally listed Threatened and Endangered Species, the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. These regulations can add a number of nuances to your project. Impact7G biologists move quickly to conduct a survey and provide findings as to whether a particular site is active or inactive with regards to eggs or flightless young/juvenile birds when a nest is discovered at a facility.

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