Judith Joyce, PWS

Principal, Senior Geomorphologist

Judy has over 25 years of experience in managing environmental projects. Her passion has always been to find ways to bring nature back into communities. Her designs achieve this goal by not only incorporating nature play areas, but also through utilizing a variety of outside the box funding sources and partnerships. Her projects include stream and wetland restorations, stormwater best management practices based on natural system design, geomorphological studies, and evaluating land suitability for development. Respected by reviewing agencies, Judy brings together federal, state, county, and local officials to obtain environmental clearance to keep projects moving forward.

Off the Clock

Judy volunteers as the Executive Director of Take a Kid Outdoors (TAKO). In her spare time, she likes to harvest wild edibles, fish, cook, travel, play tabletop games and hang out with her husband, Brian, and their two basset hounds, Carya and Tanea.

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