Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that can become a health hazard when it is inhaled.  The commercial value of asbestos as an insulating material and binding agent made it widespread in hundreds of building materials including pipe insulation, floor tile and caulking.  Although asbestos use and production has decreased since 1980, products containing asbestos can still be purchased today.  Impact7G offers a comprehensive list of asbestos consulting services that include: building inspections, project designs, bidding and contract assistance, and air monitoring / project observation.  Impact7G also has an in-house laboratory to analyze bulk material samples and can analyze air samples on-site.

Relevant services:

Laboratory Services

Our in-house laboratory can analyze bulk material samples via the Polarized Light Microcopy (PLM) Method and air samples via Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM).  Your laboratory report will list the material and the presence or absence of asbestos via a percentage.  If you are dropping off or sending a sample to our lab at 410 Main Street, Slater, IA 50244, we kindly ask that each sample is sealed in a bag or container and is accompanied with the following Chain of Custody.


Our building inspections are an extension of our Environmental Due Diligence services and are often used when purchasing (or considering purchasing or donating) a piece of real estate (home, school, commercial, or public building) or when renovation / demolition activities will occur.  We also work closely with Fire Departments all over the state to assist with preparing structures for training burns.  Our inspection reports are extremely thorough and include laboratory results, sample descriptions, locations of asbestos containing materials, photo documentation, approximate quantities and State of Iowa licensure.

Project Specifications (Bidding Documents)

Impact7G can assist with the preparation of bidding documents, including an asbestos project design and contract documents for the abatement of identified asbestos containing materials.  A State of Iowa licensed asbestos Project Designer will prepare the asbestos project design which will detail the required removal techniques, requirements for notification to the State and the EPA, disposal requirements, worker training requirements, bonding requirements, and all other Federal and State requirements for the proper removal of asbestos containing materials.

Air Monitoring and Project Observation

Our asbestos air monitoring and project observation services typically include the collection and analysis of personal air samples, short term excursion limit air samples, and field blanks.  In addition, air samples by each removal area, at entrances to containment areas, and near HEPA exhaust air samples can also be collected and analyzed daily in order to document any potential fiber releases.  These samples are typically analyzed via the Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) method.  Final clearance air samples at the completion of asbestos removal activities and upon passing of a visual inspection can be collected and analyzed using the PCM and/or Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) method.

AHERA 3 Year Re-Inspections and Management Plans

Impact7G has significant experience with AHERA regulations in public school districts and non-profit schools.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Perform an original inspection to determine whether asbestos-containing materials are present and then perform reinspection services every three years.
  • Develop, maintain, and update an asbestos management plan.
  • Assist with yearly notifications to parents, teachers, and employees on the availability of the school’s asbestos management plan and any asbestos related actions taken or planned in the school.
  • Designate a contact person to ensure the responsibilities of the public-school district or the non-profit school are properly implemented.
  • Perform 6-month periodic surveillance of known or suspected asbestos containing building materials.
  • Ensure that trained and licensed professionals perform inspections and take response actions.
  • Provide custodial staff with asbestos awareness training.


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