Clear Creek Trail and Green Corridor

Clear Creek Trail and Green Corridor
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Coralville, IA

Clear Creek Trail and Green Corridor Challenge

The Clear Creek Recreational Trail along Clear Creek meanders through forested uplands, floodplain and wetlands, stretching through the heart of the City of Coralville, IA. This is considered the Clear Creek Trail and Green Corridor. The City has undertaken many projects to encourage public engagement with the large natural area and increase its accessibility to the public. Development activities in these areas require careful and appropriate engagement. There is potential for regulated natural resources as well as state and federal agencies that regulate and permit development within these areas.

Clear Creek Trail and Green Corridor|Clear Creek Trail and Green Corridor


Since 2002, Impact7G has worked with several different consultants, engineers, landscape architects, along with City of Coralville on of urban trail through the Clear Creek Corridor.  There were many construction phases of several portions of urban trail through the Clear Creek Corridor.

Since 2002 there have been multiple phases where Impact7G (formerly as EarthView Environmental) provided services. Many of the services included threatened and endangered species surveys, wetland delineations, wetland mitigation permitting, wetland and conservation design, plantings, monitoring and maintenance services.

For the unavoidable disturbances to wetlands and other regulated natural resources, Impact7G coordinated appropriate and expedited permitting. Impact 7G worked with the City, with the Army Corps of Engineers, the Iowa DNR and the US Fish and Wildlife Services. Impact7G worked with the client to identify avenues of avoidance and minimization, as well as to develop appropriated mitigation, such as wetlands and habitat for Indiana Bat.

Clear Creek Trail and Green Corridor Project Outcomes

  • Nuanced design and efficient permitting.
  • Adept onsite conservation and mitigation efforts.
  • Public engagement with large publicly owned natural areas.

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