Zero Landfill Waste Certification

Zero Landfill Waste Certification
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In an effort to be more sustainable, companies, governments and individuals all over the world are trying to decrease the amount of waste they are generating. They are doing this through implementing strategic programs that aim at reducing their consumption of goods, using alternative goods that can be reused or recycled, or using goods that have a valuable bi-product. Impact7G is guiding an international Fortune 100 Company through the process of decreasing their waste and achieving their Zero-Landfill Certification.


Impact7G conducted the first waste characterization study of facility operations in the spring of 2017. Based on the outcomes of the study, Impact7G made recommendations for alternative zero-waste products, alternative waste process flows, as well as new waste management vendors that would compost, reuse, or recycle some of the identified waste streams. In addition to these recommendations, Impact7G worked with our client to propose several infrastructure improvements that would assist the Fortune 100 Company in achieving the Zero-Landfill Certification. These recommendations were based off of the client’s budget and project goals.

Project Outcomes

  • Achievement of Zero-Landfill Certification
  • Increased financial, community environmental benefits
  • Increased knowledge of sustainability through employee education on composting and recycling
  • Implementation of a no-landfill organics management program
  • Implementation of a single-stream recycling program
  • Optimization of equipment and manpower costs associated with handling and storing wastes.

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